Thaddeus Byrd

Lexington/Georgetown Office Clinician


What are your obstacles? Maybe it’s depression, stress, anxiety, self- esteem, or anger? Probably these obstacles leave you feeling impaired as we take this journey through life. Life is full of peaks and valleys. How we deal with the valley can have a lasting impact well after the storm has passed. Maybe you are here to try to understand an obsession, process grief, unpack trauma, or sort through relational issues. No matter what brought you here. I’m glad you’re here. I’m looking forward to helping you sort through the pain.


I am blessed to have been able to share my passion of helping others in a number of settings. I am comfortable in the school system or in the therapy room. With individual or groups. One of my specialties is helping individuals navigate the court system. As a DV and DUI certified provider, I’m looking forward to assisting you through this tough time.


I provide children, adolescents, and young adults a safe and unbiased environment as they go through the process of better developing a healthier sense of self. Life can be difficult and you do not have to walk through your journey alone. I’d like for you to take some time out for yourself. You deserve it!