What We Do

Our mission is to provide mental health solutions that promote positive change by reducing conflict, and ultimately, create successful recovery outcomes.

Child Services

Transitions can be difficult for children. Fortunately, we have staff with the training and experience to help guide your young ones through the maze of change and uncertainty. We offer psychiatry and therapy to children of all ages. Children ages 2-5 will experience a family session using PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy). Children ages 5 and up will be offered individual or family therapy as well as medication evaluation.

Our clinical staff will be in regular contact with the parents and guardians of the children receiving services. Our treatment team approach also means that we will regularly consult (with the parents permission) with the child’s teachers and pediatrician. 

Adolescent Services

What a confusing time to be a teenager! We have excellent clinicians who have been trained to work with this age group. In addition to helping the adolescent navigate choppy cultural waters, we also offer family work to help improve communication at home. We’re not here to “fix” your child. We happen to think they’re pretty spectacular! We are here to listen to them (and you). And we will be able to offer ideas and suggestions to improve their experience in life.

The majority of adolescents we see tell us they are really overwhelmed. It is from this place that they sometimes gravitate to soothing activities. Maybe it’s social media, vaping, or alcohol that helps them cope. We are interested in getting to the root of the issue. So, you won’t get a lecture from us. We get it. If you’re a teenager and you’re coming to see us, something’s not working right. We’ll help you figure out exactly what that is and how to improve it.

Adult Services

Our individual sessions begin with our stated goal to help you get what you want. From there, we can build a treatment plan that will utilize evidenced based practices to help you reduce the symptoms you came in to eliminate. We only use treatment interventions that have been tested and proved to be effective. We will also either recommend or coordinate with your medication provider (if you like) to improve your continuity of care.

How long you stay in treatment is up to you. Some people come for only a few sessions while others stay longer. We think most people either need therapy or could benefit from therapy. Whichever describes you, you’ll find a warm and accepting environment for you to work on yourself.

Couples Services

There’s you. Then there’s your partner. Between the two of you is another person: the relationship.  When the three of you show up what you won’t find is a counselor wearing a referee shirt. Nor will you find a counselor who will be taking sides or keeping score. What you will find is a counselor who has had additional training and education in the area of relationship counseling.

What you will also find is a counselor who will be welcoming and challenging at the same time. If you come to us for couple’s therapy, we are going to first try to find a way to help you heal the pain between you. Sometimes that means working through infidelity. Other times we are locked up on family issues. Sometimes couples find their sex life is the flash point of an argument. Whatever lead to look us up on the internet, we are glad you found us. We look forward to meeting you both!

Family Services

Our Family Therapy is based on systems theory, which says that, above all other things, we strive for balance. So we believe your family is balanced. But maybe at an angle. It’s almost like everyone is reading from a script, right? If you’re looking for us, you’re probably frustrated that you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with all the energy you’re spending.

Adding a therapist to the mix can be an excellent choice! After all, objectivity is something you don’t have at home. Why not let us put a fresh eye on how you all communicate and interact? We might be able to see patterns that you haven’t noticed before. Or we might be able to create a safe place where we can all talk about that one thing that you don’t talk about. Either way, there can be healing on the other side of that. We are excited to spend some time with you and your family!

Targeted Case Management Services

If you are engaged in therapy and other factors in your life are getting in the way of the progress you’ve made, consider asking us about our targeted case management team.

Our case managers assist you with the other factors in your life that cause stress. Let us help you access medical needs, educational services, advocacy, and linkage to important resources to help you live comfortably. Sometimes you need a ally in your corner who can help you with difficult decisions and the overwhelming feeling of tackling the issues you face.

Our team use a holistic and integrative approach to address all the mitigating factors in your life so that you can focus on healing while you engage with your therapist. Consider case management if therapy alone isn’t addressing your needs.